Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monsanto The Poster Child of Corporate Manipulation Corruption and Deceit : Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Monsanto: The World’s Poster Child for Corporate Manipulation and Deceit

At a biotech industry conference in January 1999, a representative from Arthur Anderson, LLP explained how they had helped Monsanto design their strategic plan. First, his team asked Monsanto executives what their ideal future looked like in 15 to 20 years. The executives described a world with 100% of all commercial seeds genetically modified and patented. Anderson consultants then worked backwards from that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural seeds were virtually extinct.

This was a bold new direction for Monsanto, which needed a big change to distance them from a controversial past. As a chemical company, they had polluted the landscape with some of the most poisonous substances ever produced, contaminated virtually every human and animal on earth, and got fined and convicted of deception and wrongdoing. According to a former Monsanto vice.....Read full article

How many politicians has this entity on their payroll, past and present, who are they and what mainstream media has the guts to put mankind before profits and expose these parasites.

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