Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A green plan to have us on bark soup | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

EVERY day seems to madder than the last. The latest: we’ll now pay farmers to grow stuff no one can eat.
Brilliant! What next? Spend $16 billion on an “Education Revolution” without hiring a single extra teacher?
Oops. Right. We did that last year.
But this surely is even crazier.
The latest scheme from Canberra, backed by both sides of politics, is to pay farmers to plant more trees to stop global warming.
The idea is that these trees take our wicked carbon dioxide from the air and capture it as wood for decades until they, er, die, rot and release it all back again. Or go up in smoke in a bushfire.......Read more

Where in the world do they breed these folks that make such irrational decisions. The green madness seems to be chronic at the moment. Has there been a pandemic declared on these totalitarian control freaks hell bent on destroying lives, jobs, business, hopes and aspirations in Australia?

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