Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UN totalitarians want your money and your life « JoNova

It’s a story that just begs to be translated into English. It’s just another naked grab for power disguised as a helping hand. We come in peace, we’d like to run your country.

The UN bureaucrats, that no one elected, want to decide what happens to everyone everywhere in the world. They want power and control (I’m shocked, I tell you!)......Read the rest of the story

Comment: If you think that your local elected politician may have anything to do with such sellouts, you may be right. However, the real powers behind this are the globalists led by the influential banking cartels, the faceless people you hear little about, the Bilderberg operators, the media manipulators, these are the ones that really control your health choices, wealth and finance both sides of armed conflicts worldwide.
Money launderers protected by armies of attorneys, banksters and paid off politicians funded by their plundered wealth.

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